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Apple’s Openness Only On Their Terms And The Bigger Picture

I read Steve Jobs Thoughts on Flash and why Flash is locked out of the Apple products. It is an interesting piece yet I do not understand it. It seems to me he is missing one of the biggest reasons for why to allow it. The consumers. They should choose if they want a “bad” ...

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I got tired of the old version of my site so I redesigned the whole works. I think this should work better and clearer show content with a less busy design, but then again that’s my view.

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What Does Link Journalism Has In Common With The Music Industry…

Lately I have been thinking of link journalism and what it does to the news media industry. The growth of link sharing sites as del.ico.us, Twitter (yes, Twitter), Reddit, Digg, StumbleUpon and so forth has made the information snacking more pronounced than ever. We talk in 140 characters more than ever and it is damaging ...

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