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  • Jag träffade Erik i Uppsala via en gemensam vän, vi var aldrig nära bekanta men han gjorde intryck på mig liksom många andra. Att förlora en son, en bror, en nära släkting eller vän är enorm sorg. Jag skickar all omtanke och styrka till er som finns kvar och bär Eriks minne vidare.

  • Erik
    Du fortsätter stråla lika varmt och ljust. Alltid.

    You continue to shine warm and bright. Always.

    Your sister Sofia and my children Gabriel , Emma and Hanna

  • Björn Lagerwall (fd. Johansson) February 10, 2024 at 12:30 pm

    Vila i frid, Erik.

  • Dear Erik,

    Thank you for your bright, insightful mind and kind spirit. I feel sad you left us so early. And still there is hope that the seeds you planted in minds will find expression. You will be missed. Rest in peace dear friend.??

  • Erik came across as such a gruff person, but he was so incredibly kind. I had a health scare and found myself gravitating toward him when I got nervous and didn’t know who to tell. The empathy and his ability to be practical, calmed me and got me through.

    He shared stories of his youth with me, and revealed his choral videos. I’d say that Erik was a chameleon, a delightful chameleon.
    We were lucky to have him for as long as we did, and we’re at a loss without him here.

  • I will remember Erik as a wonderful, crazy, brilliant, kind human being who happened to be an opera singer. We had so much fun together. Like he did with so many people, he always was there to give me a helping hand and a big hug. The world lost one of its great human beings with his passing.

  • Carlos Miranda Levy February 13, 2024 at 8:09 am

    Will never forget your lively spirit.

  • Except for the occasional encounters around Palo Alto, Erik and I met last time at a Stanford University coffee shop in 2006. At the time I was interested in the use of technology in underserved communities in Latin America, and Erik had developed an approach to blog from a mobile device that got me intrigued. Erik stroke me as a person of conviction and skill. As I learn of his recent passing and his life, his strong sense of purpose, and his kind gestures to everyone around him, I feel gratitude toward Erik and his legacy. Rest in peace, dear Erik.

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