(I wrote this blog 10 days ago and didn’t get a chance to post it. However I still do think it fulfills a value.)

I am right now at 38,000 feet over the ocean. Flying over an ocean I have never ever been over. My destination is a place at which I have never been. Never been… Never been in so many ways. My destination is not only a completely new country and environment for me, but it is also a completely new experience on so many levels.

My feelings are very much a combination of delight, excitement, anticipation and curiosity. All weaved together into sincere and profound happiness.

The decision was made a few weeks back, when I woke up with a very clear mind that this is what I should do. A few friends have asked my why I chose this path, yet they know me. This is the trip for me at this time with this iternary.

Parts of my trip will have some direct meaning for what I do daily but predominantly the trip will guide me in ways I cannot foresee other than I know this is the experience I need to have now. Not because of a lack, but as a foundation for growth.

Experiences are funny. They should be had, but never “constructed”, yet so many people try to construct or dictate their reality. Certain things cannot be changed and certainly not when they give us peace, happiness and joy. You always have to be honest to your soul even though it could complicate your life. In all honesty I too try to construct my reality, but it seems as the more I try to construct the experience after what I would like it to be the less it becomes that way. Part of me do feel the quest between mind and heart, but I do know my happiness resides in my heart and not mind.

I do believe that maybe this trip will teach me to listen in ways I haven’t been able or have before. What I will ultimately listen to, I don’t know. What I do know is that just knowing it will teach me to listen in new ways gives me a tickling feeling in my stomach.

A tickling, exciting feeling. I love it.

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Erik is currently the Principal Technical Architect at AT&T The Foundry. Erik was the CTO of Spot.us, a global platform for community-funded local reporting (winner of the Knight News Challenge). Previously, Erik co-founded Allvoices.com, where he served as the VP of Social Media and User Interface. Allvoices.com is a global community that shares news, videos, images and opinions. At the Reuters Digital Vision Program at Stanford University between 2005-2006, he created the website inthefieldONLINE.net, which drew widespread recognition from major global media including PBS, CNN and BBC, and was featured on Discovery International’s Rewind 2006 as one of the 25 highlights of the Year.